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Casey & Erika: Engagment

One great bonus to shooting weddings, engagement and couple portraits is every now and then, you get to shoot your friends.. with a camera. Before I moved to Wyoming, I lived with Casey, who's girlfriend Erika was a frequent visitor to our house. They are getting married in Yosemite next summer - can't wait to shoot that! - and so we headed out to Muir Woods and Mt. Tam for their sessions.

The light was pretty challenging, as the tall trees and deep valley of Muir Woods created a very unique lighting situation. Head over to my Post Production page to see some before and afters of the edits.

For the second part of my session with Casey and Erika, we rushed out of Muir Woods up to the top of Mt. Tam for sunset. I really love the contrast of the rich forest and the warm soft light of sunset from this shoot. It's fun to come out with two totally different looks from one session.

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