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Video & motion

Here you will find a collection of video projects I assisted on or led and provided a combination of shooting, editing, sound design and color grading, along with graphic design and branding for some projects.

showcase reel
Cinematography, color, editing & sound design

Forever Yosemite is short film I made documenting a week my friends and I spent camping on the valley floor. For this video I captured all the footage, color graded it, editing, created all the motion graphics and visual effects and did the sound design.

directing, Editing, Color & sound design

We went into the heart of Montana to tell the incredible story of Chef Eduardo Garcia. I helped direct the scenes and many of the shots and edited the entire video which included color grading from LOG in DaVinci Resolve, and adding sound design throughout. 

Editing, Color &
pre-pro storyboard

The challenge of telling the Salty Sea Sisters' story came with using a video team local to them in Ireland and not being able to shoot it ourselves. I created an organized shot list to guide the video team towards our vision and then edited, color corrected and provided sound design for the entire final film.

Motion Graphics & editing

For this case study video, I created all the animations and design assets, as well as led art direction on the look and feel of the video. I also recorded the voice over and helped refine the script.

Motion Graphics, color, editing & Sound design

For Melvin Brewing's 2x4 Day short film, I created the opening title sequence, color graded the entire film, helped with editing, and worked on sound design and effects for this project.

Motion Graphics & Color

My role for the Denizens of the Steep documentary was to create opening titles, branding, in-film text overlays and lower-thirds as well as the end credit animations.

I also color graded the entire film and created the cover art poster, branding and style guide for this project.

Editing, Color & Cinematography

For this live cover performance of 2Pac & Dr Dre's "California Love", I provided cinematography support as well as editing, color grading, thumbnail design and creation of the opening title sequence, as well as designing the cover art.

Editing, Color & Cinematography

For this live rooftop performance from local singer-songwriter Aspen Dawn and musician Joe Rudd, I served as the cinematographer, director, color grade artist and editor. 

Editing, Color & motion graphics

I helped with shooting B-roll on these  videos for New West KnifeWorks' YouTube series, as well as created motion graphics and lower thirds, color grading and editing.

Moving Portrait vignettes

A series of short 'moving portrait' vignettes I directed, shot, edited and color graded.

Animated logo

An animated logo sting I created for Field Sheer protective motorcycle apparel.

All Videos
DMOS - Say Uncle IG
DMOS - Mount IG
DMOS - Get Sh*t Done IG
DMOS - Always at Hand IG

A series of social media ads I created for DMOS Shovels

Social media ads
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